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Top Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2020


2020 is just around the corner and you know what?– it’s time to revamp your website. It’s not a surprise that technological advancements are emerging every year and we must keep up with the modifications by making your web design not only be interesting but also unique and user-friendly. So here we are with the top web design trends to watch out for in 2020.
In this article, TX Digital, a web development agency in Melbourne, has tried to jot down the most significant web design trends for you to stand out.

List of trends you must be following this coming year:
  • Smart CSS Grids
  • 3D Modeling
  • Asymmetric Layouts
  • Voice User Interface (VUI)
  • Custom Images
  • Motion and Interactivity
  • White Space
  • Hidden Navigation
  • Fullscreen Forms
  • Bold Typography
  • Split Content
  • Infusion of Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Parallax Web Design
  • Exposed Grid
  • Push Notifications
  • Chatbots
  • Tailored Illustrations
Smart CSS Grids

Earlier, designers were at a crossway between building both a mobile and desktop-friendly website. They conjointly had to configure the website to work out what device a user is using so that he can be redirected to a version that matches the device’s screen size.
If you want your design to be responsive and versatile then, it’s time to move on to smart CSS grid. For adding this feature to your website, you can reach out to TX Digital, who provides Web Design in Australia.
After including this feature to your site, you won’t have to be compelled to worry any longer whether or not you produce a desktop-only or mobile-only website. This layout system will create your website docile on multiple versions to suit a user’s screen size.
A smart CSS grid will provide your site visitors with high-quality experience despite the type and size of the device. This layout system allows web designers to prepare content into columns and rows that systematically comply with the device screen size of the user.

3D Modeling

In 2020, 3D is going to act as eye-candy to grab attention and lure the visitors to your website. It is not a new concept but is gaining popularity worldwide. Importance of 3D has already been recognized in the gaming and movie industry but it can also be put into use for any website design to expand your visitor’s engagement.
You can try Fluorescent 3D digital artwork, but try not to scatter the colours around the webpage as the complementary, or secondary, hues in your colour palette.

Asymmetric Layouts

With the coming year, web designs will be becoming creatively bolder and with the use of asymmetrical structures, it’s going to be fun, enthusiasm, uniqueness, and individuality.
Most websites are grid-based. The grid is created of imaginary lines that facilitate layout parts on the page stay in order. The site owners who want to be distinctive can begin implementing a broken grid technique and laying design elements chaotically. This method makes websites look additional artistic. To help you out with this, the best web designing agency in Australia, TX Digital, is here.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Many devices these days are equipped with good virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google and this trend is increasing. People prefer voice searches rather than typing manually.
VUIs are ideal as they will match any device screens, and that they will deliver a lot of customized content than text. After you adopt this component in web site design, it’s absolute to offer your web site visitors with the simplest user expertise. So, you must brace yourself for this trend next year.
It also permits users to interact with voice commands. Although it’s not strictly associated with design, this trend can add usability and practicality to your website and make sure that all website components are accessible for individuals with physical disabilities.

Custom Images

Custom images add a unique sense of character to the sites. With the assistance of this web design, you’ll be able to display your brand differently. Even next time when your users see one of your custom pictures on another resource, your name will pop-up in their minds.

Motion and Interactivity

With a decreasing attention span, it’s getting tough to grab the attention of our website visitors. Therefore, here comes the need for video addition or you can also simply just use gifs to catch an eye. Our eyes almost naturally gravitate towards any moving element that can be utilized to control the way our visitors perceive a certain page.
There are numerous forms of motions available in web design. From typography that runs across the screen to micro-animations that offer feedback as we tend to hover over or click on certain elements to fullscreen video headers or animations.
To make this work for your benefit, you should think of an area on your website where you want your visitors to focus. You have to make use of it in such a way that it works hassle-free, otherwise, it can prove to be a distracting agent.

White Space

Contrary to the name, “white space” not at all means that the spaces are left blank or white. It is quite the opposite– it can be of any colour, texture or even a background image.
The “white space” is used to attract attention by the means of logo design. It means the area between the design elements, as well as the space inside some elements of the web pages.
You should keep in mind that there are 2 types of white space: active and passive. The former is particularly created between the elements of web design, which helps in leading the user through the page. The latter is aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of the page, which normally includes– indents between paragraphs, line spacing, and other similar components.

Hidden Navigation

With hidden navigation, you can save a lot of space. Generally, it is used with regard to minimalism, which, as you can see, is one of the design trends for 2020. Hidden navigation will help you to make your design look clearer.

Fullscreen Forms

From signing up for a service, filling in delivery information on an online store or simply just writing up a query- online forms play an integral part in our web interactions and yet sometimes it feels like a tedious chore. This refrains the users from filling them in. So, to make it look more inviting, the simplest way is to expand the form so that it takes up more room on the page and as a result, it will improve the user experience.

In addition, you can add another feature called the micro-interactions. They respond to the user’s actions in real-time and guide them through the process with ease. For example, signalling that a certain field has been filled in or a successful form submission feedback message.

Bold Typography

Bold typography or oversized lettering are eye-catching designs which help your website visitors to understand what the site’s all about but, keep in mind that too many bold features can be overwhelming and counterproductive.

This design can be applied to anything on a webpage, from big, bold typography, to fullscreen images and videos, and even oversized website menu icons.

As the trend is in, more and more websites are opting for a fullscreen video or image, paired with large typography. This layout serves in delivering a message plainly and efficiently and makes sure that the information is truly registered and resonated with website visitors.

Split Content

Split-screen content helps you to maintain an uncluttered look and even allow you to put equal limelight on content in front of the user. It makes your website more appealing and well-organized, plus, you can showcase more than one important message at a time. If you need any help you can even outsource for web design to Australia.

Infusion of Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Tomorrow the user interface is going to be dominated by the AI technologies, therefore, an advanced machine learning will be beneficial for web developers and web designers by providing them with insights in terms of user data and activity. This will allow designers and developers to build more targeted and personalized landing pages.

Parallax Web Design

The parallax web design creates a pseudo-3D effect with the help of the scrolling technique. This design originally came from video games in which the background moves at different speeds simulating a 3D effect.

Exposed Grid and Windows

Exposed grid and windows are an inspiration from the technology itself.
Website designers can highlight the segmentation of the screen and its building blocks by rectangles and strokes, or thin lines which divide up the screen into sections, guiding the eyes of the visitors in the desired reading direction.

Push Notifications

Although this trend is controversial even in today’s scenario, it’s not wrong to say that it’s gaining momentum.
Everyone knows how unpleasant is it to see a message pop up on the corner while one is watching movies or working, however, there is a benefit. Sometimes, you find something in the pop up for which you have been looking for. For example, you notice ads about concert tickets of your favourite band or a football game.
But you must understand, that while applying this feature, you must take into account the target audience and its needs. Properly configure the frequency of notifications and subject otherwise you are going to scare off your visitors rather than grabbing their attention.


This gen-X trend of making use of AI emerging to support the questions of all kinds. Chatbots are programs designed to imitate a real conversation, but, without any human interference. These AIs are becoming more like humans day-by-day. They collect the data of frequently asked questions and in the future, accordingly, respond to users. Adding to the advantage, chatbots are much cheaper than the support staff, who are likely not able to respond instantly and can’t be available 24/7.

Tailored Illustrations

1)Visuals are no longer just placeholders to merely add some colour to the pages of the website but they are used intentionally by web designers to support your site’s message and craft a brand identity. Your website can harness a plethora of visual tools for telling compelling stories.

2)A feel-good visual can bring up a sense of optimism and send a different message altogether though you should remember placing the illustration in the right place.

3)Illustrations are not only just about randomly placing pictures and using different colour palettes on your website but it’s about communicating through visual language. So, to increase your site’s efficiency and highlight your brand’s vision, browse TX Digital (providing services of web design in Melbourne, Australia since 2014) for unique badges, illustrations and icons

4)Stay on the top by implying these top web designing trends for 2020 but it doesn’t mean that you have to use all of them at once. Choose the design according to your brand requirements.
Can’t decide? No worries! Our web development experts at TX Digital, Australia will help you choose the most suitable one and will make your website look trendy.

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