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The Ultimate Guide to creating a successful mobile app

Beginning with the facts– today the estimated number of smartphone users is almost 3 billion and this number is only set to rise. Although the mobile application market is highly competitive but has its treasure. One can expect the mobile app market to stay for unforeseen future as according to a report $101 billion is spent on mobile apps. Further, the revenue generated anticipated to reach $190 billion in the year 2020.

But with such a huge number of users, comes a great responsibility of not just drawing them to your mobile app but also maintaining then. And this is a whole different ball game which requires the implementation of key features of a successful mobile app. Therefore, it’s not untrue to say that it takes more than an amazing idea to create a successful mobile app.

Now coming to your finalizing decision of developing the mobile app, you will surely need a helping hand with a team of high-quality experts, ready to help you out with your mobile app development. And you can undoubtedly rely on us, TX Digital, one of the best mobile app development agency in Melbourne

Now, lets’ clear your doubts about how to create an app from scratch with the ultimate guide to mobile app development. Shall we get started?



Having a clear idea in your mind is not enough. You have to consider other basic key features of a mobile app development project like your target audience, what kind of mobile application you are developing and your budget. Lets’ take them one by one.

  • The Target Audience

First  and the foremost thing to do is to get a clear picture of your target audience. Who you are targetting or who you want to target in the coming future is a necessity to be known. It includes everything from their age, gender, languages they use, their location, occupation, interests and even their marital statuses. If you want to do a wider search, you can also look into the deeper details about their behaviour and habits. If your approach is not user-centric then it won’t be very effective.  

  • Kind of Mobile App You Want 

Interpreted apps

Interpreted apps programming allow rapid development for the developer of apps and facilitate access to different platforms with less effort as in this, the mobile application is programmed, interpreted and then translated into the terminal programming language. 

Web Apps

Among others, these type of apps are programmed in jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS. These apps have their operational limitations as they have restricted access to certain features of the mobile device. 

Native applications

Native apps are mostly designed and developed for Android and iOS operating systems.

  • Budget constraints

Although creating a mobile app is expensive but it heavily depends on the features of your mobile application and also the type of application you are into– multiplatform, native or hybrid.

However, the final problem still stands i.e. you have no idea how much it could costs for you to develop the app that you have in your mind, right? Take it easy. Send us your requirements and get a quotation. Its’ as simple as that.


This section will guide you in creating a trending app and there is a lot to talk about the app design. Anyhow, if you cannot do the app designing yourself, we are here to assist you with our professional design expertise. Keep in mind that the success of your dream app depends on the development of app design as it affects the usability and the user experience.

What is best for your app design?

Currently, there are two very powerful designs prevailing the design development– flat design and skeuomorphism or simply complex design. 

  • Flat design

Developers are going for this anaesthetic design not only just for iOS apps, but also Android app design. Flat design app has a clear design layout and very transparent lines, following a strict grid. Its’ feature of minimalist designs has caught on in app development as well as in web development. Proof of this can be seen in flat design to the iPhone and iPad. 

  • Skeuomorphism or complex design

Skeuomorphism, complex design or deep layout, call it by any name, but app designers have seen its growth in the past few years. This mobile app trend has been taken by Apple. Moving from a simpler to more complex app design, you can see the use of realistic textures making it more intuitive and friendly to user’s eyes.


Overcoming all the hurdles, now we are finally at the last and most crucial step for beginning the development of your dream app i.e. finding someone with all the professional qualities of a mobile app developer and mobile app designer. Having a partner who is not on the same page is not going to help. 

So, where to find them?– We are right here with our unique ideas and a terrific team of application developers.

TX Digital: Your certified mobile app development guide

When looking for someone to help you out with your project, the things that come into your mind are: What if they do not deliver it in the estimated time? And will they do a good job? Both of these questions are crucial which can prove to be a minefield. 

At TX Digital, providing you with quality assurance in the app development process is our main motive. We have a team of certified mobile developers, web developers, software developers, digital marketers, who will confirm to be a reliable team with extensive experience.

If you want our assistance in developing a mobile app, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to help! 

Let’s together make your app successful.

TX Digital

Author: TX Digital

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