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How web development can enhance your website user experience?

Having a great website user experience is the basis for your business’ success. If you can’t make your visitors satisfied with your UX, you will be just another name out there.

How web development can enhance your website user experience?

How web development can enhance your website user experience?


Running a business is hard and maintaining it is even harder!

With the world going digital, you too try your hand in providing your customers with the best website, flawless landing page or just a knowledgable blog.
But with many websites, there have been major shortcomings when it comes to providing customers with the best user interface. You should always keep in mind that UX can make or break your brand image.

Therefore, you must be prepared to make adjustments to meet the desires and demands of your target groups. So if you don’t want to be left behind your focus should be in the right place, asking the question like– How web development can enhance your user experience?

Putting consistent efforts in improving your websites’ UX will turn things into your favour and as a result will lead to higher conversions. But somehow if you are confused about how to start not to worry because we are here to guide and help you to create a surefire user experience to capture the market.

But first for the starters, what does user experience or UX means? Let’s talk about this.

What is User Experience?

In layman’s language, user experience simply means making your visitor’s experience more valuable and meaningful by providing them with the best you got. The focus is on trying to understand your visitor’s needs, abilities, their expectations from you and even their limitations.

In short, making the user’s interaction session with your website worthwhile. They should be able to easily access your website, understand it and scroll through different pages hassle-free and at last, finally find what they were looking for.

So now, let us come to the question as to how to improve user experience on the website. There are various ways with which you can optimize the website’s UX and how can you make your website’s trip less bumpy for your visitors so they can find what they want.

Some of the tricks to unravel the best user experience is listed down for you. Now, let’s get started.

1. Readability and clarity

Your site visitors should be able to read the content available without putting any strain and should be able to distinguish between the different contents. For this improve the website design. Also, visual hierarchies should be used like size, position, colour, weight and contrasts. Using bold to mark importance for the element is very catchy. Your visitors will not walk past by it without noticing.

Plus, keep in mind the importance of utilising different levels of readability and clarity markers like the title(H1), heading(H2), subheadings(H3), body text or paragraphs, etc.

How web development can enhance your website user experience?


You can do this by yourself if you have an upper hand to this thing but is you are not that tech-savvy person then you can get the help of someone who can help you out with this. To save you from the trouble of searching, we, at TX Digital in Australia have experts for website designing and website development who have your back.

2. The omission of unnecessary words

Talking about human tendencies, we all know that none of us has ever read full content in one go. We first scan it and then if it is of our interest, we continue to read it. And if we find some irrelevant content we just jump to another website which has the relevant one.

In simple terms, you need to again look into your site and delete all the unnecessary contents as well as words which will not affect people’s decisions in any way. Try to explain yourself with crisp and fewer words. Too much content or usage of words is just going to harm you, instead, you can use infographics, videos, images, gifs or slideshows to showcase your content.
Overdoing of anything is a big NO-NO. Maintain a balance between textual and visual content.

3. Using conventional methods

Simple and conventional websites mean user- friendly websites. Ask why?– because everyone is used to them because they are less messy and not hard to work on. This is simply human behaviour. But a touch of creativity won’t hurt, therefore, try to invent some new methods which can go hand in hand with the traditional one. Think like the masses. Some points which you can remember are:

Place the main navigation menu in the centre, highest up on the page or on the right side.

  • Pacing Logo on the top-left corner of the pages.
  • Call to action button should be at the top.
  • The search feature must be there in the header.
  • Icons for Social media links to be placed in the footer.
  • There should be a sign-up form in the footer.
  • Contact details must be included in the main navigation menu.
  • Privacy Policy, Terms and Sitemap links should be available in the footer.

These all come under website designing and website development and will help you in improving user experience and conversions if you are able to do them right. Although, if you have any kind of doubt then you can rely on us, TX Digital, Melbourne, which is the #1 website developing and designing agency.

4. Children friendly text formats

Even as adults we are quite choosy when it comes to shapes and sizes of everything, even if it is text content. Making your website user-friendly can be done by keeping these elements in mind:

How web development can enhance your website user experience?

  • For better readability avoid using serif fonts like Times New Roman, Georgia, etc. make use of a sans-serif font like Helvetica, Arial, etc.
  • Most people don’t bother to read the main content. They simply judge by reading the headings.
  • Big chunks off paragraphs don’t get much attention. Try to break long paragraphs into smaller ones so that your website visitors can spend much more reading span.
  • Use bullet or number points to make key information stand out.

Finally, connecting the dots

At last, here we are with all the basics to improve your website’s UX. These 4 points which we have jotted down for you should be kept in mind while building a new website or when revamping the existing one.

Remember, if you do it right you will be able to achieve success in no time. Start optimizing your website for better user experience and see your potential clients turn into your permanent customers.

For any kind of help related to website designing or website development, feel free to contact us at TX Digital. We have a professional team of both designers and developers, keen to be your partners and to serve you their best.


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