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6 Ways To Boost-Up Your Business With User-Friendly Website


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The world has changed from offline shiny shops and glittering props to online websites. In this world of digitalization, how your future clientele interacts with your website directly affects how they perceive your business. If your site’s first interaction is not good enough, then it’s unlikely that they will stay long enough for the second impression. And certainly won’t convert into a customer. So to tackle this problem you need website solutions such as website development, website designing, software development, etc. to create a user-friendly website for the customers. But you need not go too far because you’re at the right place…

  • Firstly, according to the stats, almost 81% of customers research online first, even if your business is operating offline; & 
  • Secondly, approximately 60% of people who visit a website have made up their minds to buy something that day and if you are not able to provide them with flawless user experience, then you will be at loss.

Analysts expect this trend to continue and grow further in 2020. They insist that customers no longer expect a small business website but the one with a seamless interface. 

Fortunately, you are in the right spot. Here, our web designers have put together seven important tools which will guide your way through the trending question of 2020: how to improve user experience on the website? and will make your website more user-friendly.

Let’s explore.

  • Legibility & Readable is a must 

These two not only impact your user experience but also your conversion rate. Your website should be compatible with every type of device’s screen– PC, iPad, laptop or mobile, etc. otherwise without being able to read clearly, how will they buy your product or avail your services.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a youthful, trendy brand, because if your page isn’t legible, your major portion of the customer base will be alienated instantly. Let’s take a look into some of the factors.

LegibilityContrast, Background, Size, Font Style, Colour

ReadabilityFormatting, Writing style, Language

Listing the factors is quite an easy task but to fulfil them perfectly needs expertise. If you are able to do this by yourself then it’s all well and good but if you are stuck, we are here to help you out. TX Digital, Australia is one of the best websites designing and website development company which will assist you in creating a user-friendly website. 


  • Easy Menu Navigation

The menu is the most crucial element in your site which can make or break your follower chain. A poorly designed menu can frustrate your visitors. Your menu bar should be hassle-free and items should be easy to navigate through it. If your customers can’t find what they are looking for, you are going to lose them to your rivals. A user-friendly website layout always let your clientele to drive and explore your website.


  • Test Your Mobile Friendliness

“48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed when on sites that are poorly optimized for mobiles. “

Mobile-first should be your moto. Ignorance can cost you a lot when it comes to a mobile-friendly website as over 50% of website traffic now comes from there. Over half of your potential customers are affected by your websites’ mobile experience. 

Mobile friendly website

What you can do is test your site on multiple mobile devices and get to know how it performs. Do not assume that it works. Some recommended out-of-the-box website designing agencies can help you out in building a mobile-friendly and user-friendly websites for you.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing Layout

Visuals are no longer just placeholders to merely add some colour to the pages of the website but they are used intentionally by web designers to support your site’s message and craft a brand identity. Your website can harness a plethora of visual tools for telling compelling stories.

A feel-good visual can bring up a sense of optimism and send a different message altogether though you should remember placing the illustration in the right place.

Illustrations are not only just about randomly placing pictures and using different colour palettes on your website but it’s about communicating through visual language. So, to increase your site’s efficiency and highlight your brand’s vision, browse TX Digital (providing services of web design in Melbourne, Australia since 2014) for unique badges, illustrations and icons. 


  • Infographic Content

Your website can harness a plethora of visual tools for telling compelling stories. A feel-good visual can bring up a sense of optimism and sends a different message altogether.

Infographics are not only just about randomly placing pictures on your website but it’s about communicating through visual language. Therefore, to benefit from this feature, get in touch with the best web development agency in Australia.


  • Need for Speed 

Internet patience is taking-a-dive. No one wants to wait. Quickest is taking over the market and the internet is behind. Speed is the only thing that matters today and if you are not able to provide it to your customers, you are going to take a toll. Your potential customers expect your sites to load faster or else they will just move on. You can’t do business with a snail-speed website. 

To ease you out of this tension we, here, at TX Digital in Melbourne, have a team of technoscientific web designers and web developers who will assist you in managing everything. 

Make your website user-friendly & visually appealing with TX Digital – A leading web development company, Australia!

Stay on the top by implying these tricks in 2020. And if you have any doubt… No worries! Our experts at TX Digital, Australia will help you make your website look trendy. 

TX Digital

Author: TX Digital

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