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10 Reasons proving Shopify is the top leading Platform for building eCommerce stores

With the growing technologies leading the drive towards digitalisation and automation, people are fascinated by E-commerce and online shopping.

Thinking of going online to start-up a business for promoting or selling the product you deal in is a brilliant approach. This will help in creating a brand value for the services or goods you offer. Facts about why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for commencing a business are listed below:

1. Trouble-free Connectivity

The Shopify app allows the user to access and manage staff, products, orders and customers from any part of the world with just a click through a smartphone/ laptop/ tablet. All the updates managed in one place.

2. Free Trial for 14 Days

The most exciting feature about the website is that it’s offering a 14 days trial package which lets you decide whether you want to continue your business with Shopify or not. There’s more to it, once you’ve decided to grow with Shopify, you can choose from a wide variety of packages based on your need. In case you want to invest in your business on a small scale, you can always opt for a basic package to boost your business.

3. Blog Feature by Shopify support

The most important things for a seller is to make the product reach the consumer through the content. The best medium to deliver this content is blogging. Shopify helps you to increase the number of views and buyers and promotes your business to reach new heights.

4. Wide variety of tools and features

Shopify offers some major analytical tools such as marketing tools, reports, mobile access, analytics, shopping cart etc. Some other marketing tools include Facebook selling, Coupon generators, discount code, product reviews etc.

5. Petite budget, increasing profits

Initially, Shopify allows the user to choose the most basic package and eventually while the business increases, it lets the customer decide which package to upgrade to.

6. Multilingual support

If the manufacturer is dealing worldwide, they can translate the storefront into many different languages based on where the customer is located or the location where they are accessing the website from.

7. Range of bandwidth and products

The eCommerce store can be big or small depending upon what the brand has to offer the client. It can be as small as 2 products or can be as big as 5,000 products or even more than that! So there is no cap on the limit of the products the seller wants to sell to the buyer.

8. Diversity of themes

Themes play a major role in catching the customer’s attention. As it is said, “First impression is the last impression” so, the seller can choose from a variety of themes which goes the best with the the type of products that the seller wants to sell.

9. Handy system

Understanding Shopify isn’t rocket-science and the seller can easily use it given the prior knowledge about it. As the store can be managed the seller itself, so he/she can manage all the processes on their own which doesn’t actually require technical skills or knowledge.

10. 24*7 Helpline

You can connect with the Shopify team anytime via. live chat, email and phone.


In conclusion, we would like to summarize by saying that Shopify is the best eCommerce website that can boost up the sales of your brand. There is no doubt Shopify has been preferred by many worldwide audiences to pursue their online business. Considering all the facts and all the services mentioned above provided by Shopify, there’s a high possibility for Profit Maximisation in the specific industries the owner is dealing in. Get your free trial today!

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