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10 Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid To Get A Flawless Website

Web design is an essential element of your website. It is a form of art. And you can not ruin it at all costs. So be careful and avoid making these common website design mistakes. 

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People have been using the web to search for all kinds of services these days. Although there is no doubt that you have your fair share of customers who find you through word-of-mouth advertising or referrals, you should still have a good website for your tech-savvy clientele. Even though building a good web design is not that hard, but there are still common mistakes that all business’ makes at some point in time.

Creating a great website that gets your potential clients in the door involves aspects of design and marketing working together. So, let’s list down some of the most common design mistakes and learn how to deal with them when you are building a new website or even if you already have a site and have noticed these flaws. This will help you bypass internet marketing pitfalls.

Mistake #1: Using a Directory Web Design Service or Website Builder

Directory web design services do not give you an original website with your name. It often creates a template website on a domain they own and send traffic to that site. The content is generally copied from the original website, creating duplicate content. These tactics can seriously hinder your business’ SEO, causing rankings to drop considerably.

On the other hand, some digital marketing agencies decide to use a website builder to design and develop your website. Usually, these websites will not have their domain but will be a sub-domain of the hosting website – making the practice, and the site, less than professional.

This is admittedly a difficult problem to overcome if you aren’t savvy enough to design your site, but you can dodge this issue if you hire a professional web designer.  We, at TX Digita, Australia offers a variety of online services to anyone in need that too at affordable prices.

Mistake #2: Random stock photos

Images of low-quality models look so unnatural, that it is better not to have any photos at all. The best option for this is to hire a good photographer and to click some sincere photos of your employees, clients (with permission) and also of your business area to show your potential future clients the true face of your workplace. Anyhow, if you are not able to do so– you need to choose the stock photos very carefully. A bad image, especially if you put it to the top of the homepage slider, could completely ruin your first impression for the future client.

Mistake #3: Slow web pages

No one likes to visit and stay on a website that loads too slowly. A slow-loading page on your website can cost you your future clientele. To avoid this from happening multiple strategies should be considered in the website design and the website development. Our skilled team at TX Digital in Melbourne will put all of the solutions together to optimize your websites loading speed.

Mistake #4: Site Design Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Another well-known website design flaw is using an outdated web technology. Mobile web browsing is over half of all searches, making the need for mobile-friendly content more important than ever.

To make sure that your website is good enough for both smartphones and desktops, make it clear that you want it to be responsive when you design your site. Your website must use the latest web technology, such as CSS3 and HTML5, to represent your business professionally online.

Mistake #5: Colour scheming

When people search for a particular website they expect to see a well-related picture. No matter how much you like the bright colour schemes – they are not appropriate for every domain. So, if you want the site to be useful, think of your objective and the colours which will make your customers comfortable.

Mistake #6: Not Communicating Your Business Effectively

You have a restricted amount of time to grab your visitors’ attention when they are on your website. To have a powerfully converting website, you need to be able to communicate quickly what your business does, and why they should choose you.

Your visitor should not have to click through your website to find out if your business offers the services they need. You should make your list of services easily available to new users, as well as the main features of your company.

If you can address these concerns effectively, you will be more likely to get their business.

Mistake #7: Your website Have Duplicate Content or Little Content

Finally, the biggest kiss of death for any website is having duplicate or little content.
If your site has duplicate content that looks too much like what you might find on another website, your site won’t show up in search results of a particular website.
With too little content, the visitors won’t know what to expect from your business and your expertise.
Therefore, there is no quick fix when it comes to content for a website; all you need to do is put together great quality content or you can also hire someone who can do this for you.

Mistake #8: Neglecting the Footer

A footer is at the bottom of your website’s webpage. It contains all your information, links to your site’s most important pages, and everything relevant to your visitors. Your website’s footers should be easy to read and should contain all of the information along with links to your practice’s social media channels and a form to sign up for your newsletter.

Mistake #9:  Weak Call-to-action

One of the biggest mistakes on many websites is a poor call-to-action which makes it non-existent. A call-to-action is anything that gets your visitor to do something – whether that’s filling out a contact form, making a phone call or signing up for your email newsletter.

For your benefit, it is best to include at least two call-to-actions per page; one at the top of the page, and one at the bottom.

Mistake #10: Your Contact Page is Too Confusing

Since one of your all-important calls to action should be to contact your office, you need your contact pages to be as straightforward as possible. A good and easy-to-follow contact page should have contact information such as your company’s name, address, office hours, phone number and email address and in addition, you can also provide your visitors with a map to guide them to your office.

Additionally, you can also include a contact form for potential clients and try to keep it as simple as possible. It should only include their name, email address and phone number along with a short and simple message.

Wrapping up

Your business’ website design is very important to create a good first impression on your potential clients and for this, you need to have social media buttons, understandable copyright and high download speed with regular content updates on your website. By listing these mistakes and tips to avoid them, we hope that now you will be able to improve the traffic to your website. Furthermore, if you have any problem in dealing with these kinds of flaws, we are here to help you out with website development, website designing, software development, anything and everything you ask for. In addition, if you have any questions or suggestions we will be very pleased to hear from you.

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